Images from the Vineyard


I did my level best with the camera to capture what makes the Vineyard so special, and – as anticipated – failed utterly in that respect.  Despite my inability to capture the Vineyard, I did manage to capture some decent images.  Here’s a sampling of them.  The whole monte is here.

Getting To The Island

The Skeleton Finger is the car, which is positioned directly on a different ferry bay than the GPS expected. I love the “ferry” icon in the directions…nearly as much as I loved the verbal instruction “Board ferry!” when we arrived here. Us and 300 other people.

Vineyard Ferry

From the top passenger deck. The ring appears to be something that COULD be removed and thrown over, but I can’t imagine what purpose that would possibly serve. It’s not a very LARGE ring.

Woods Hole Light

Woods Hole Light, at the bottom of Cape Cod

East Chop Light

There are two Lights at the entrance to the Vineyard Haven harbor. They are named for their locations: East Chop and West Chop. I don’t know where the “Chop” part comes from, but it’s consistent with the generally colorful naming practices for things on the Vineyard.
This one is East Chop.

West Chop Light

The West Chop Light


One of the coolest weathervanes I’ve ever seen.
In Edgartown.


Super cool shop on the waterfront in Edgartown, an old and wealth whaling village.

Schooner and Edgartown Light

I had the schooner pose with the Edgartown Light just for this picture. Don’t be fooled by the camera: the real distance between the Light and the schooner is not significantly greater than it would appear from this shot.


Some little shack at the entrance to one of the Aquinnah beaches.


Aquinnah, from the Headland Formerly Known As Gay Head

Aquinnah Clay Cliffs

Some extremely famous clay cliffs at Aquinnah (Formerly Known As Gay Head). You are EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED from taking mud baths on this clay cliffs. No, really, you are.

Aquinnah Clay Cliffs and Gay Head Light

Gay Head Light and the top of the Clay Cliffs of Aquinnah

Cabana and Edgartown Light

I had this old cabana from the Chappaquiddick Beach Club pose with the Edgartown Light just for this picture. As with the schooner, the seemingly small distance between the cabana and the Light is not an illusion.


The old dock of the Chappaquiddick Beach Club



Meeting House Road

Meeting House Road, over the center of the island

Menemsha Pond

Stunning view over Menemsha Pond. As amazing as it looks in this picture, that’s not even HALF of it…

Menemsha Pond

Looking back over Menemsha Pond, which is actually a piece of the ocean. Old stone wall, field, row of adirondack chairs, boats, blue water, what’s not to fall in love with here?


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