I Finally Got To Go Over A Jump!!!!!!!!!!!


This is being a very exciting day for a horse!!  First, I got to eat my whole breakfast because my rider was not coming out to get me while I still had a big pile of hay.  That is good.  Horses should not have the breakfast interrupted to work.  Also, it is being a LOT nicer today! It is cool, which I like, and the big biting flies are not bothering me today, and even the little ones that do not bite but are pesty are not bothering me.  That is great!!!

But that is not being the best thing for today.  Because my rider came and she said Huey! We are doing something different today!  Well.  That was Good News, I am telling you!  Because I am a horse that likes a routine, but it is too much routine to always be doing the same boring things in the ring, and never any jumps.  I will tell you in case you did not know this:  I am a jumping horse.  I am a horse that is going over jumps that are big as me, and I am one huge horse!  And I am not a being scared horse!  I am a brave horse, and I am not being scared of those huge jumps, not like some horses I have known.  Some of those horses are running away from jumps horses.  I am a going right to that jump and going over it horse.  That is Good.

But for a long time, I am a not jumping at all horse.  I am not liking to do a lot of work, but I am not understanding why the work is not jumping anyway, because I am a jumping horse. It is not like people are not knowing that, too.  They are saying to me Huey, you are a jumping horse, but you cannot jump.  And I am saying I can too jump!!!!  And they are saying You cannot jump because it will be hurting your leg.  But I am saying My leg does not hurt now!

I do not understand why I cannot be a jumping horse still.

So.  My rider is saying we are going to be doing something new, and I am thinking that maybe we will be jumping at last!  But we went into the ring and even though almost the whole herd was in that ring, there were not being any jumps.  There were other things.  Poles.  A scary thing that made a clonky noise when a horse walked on it.  I did not want to go on that thing, but my rider said Huey, you went on this thing before.  It is not scary.  Go on it.  And so I did, and it was OK.  And there were things to run in and out of, and there was a huge pink ball, and there were lots of horses and people!  And Clay was there.  You know Clay.  He is that horse that laughed at my yesterday, and he is that horse that tries to pull my head around when I am on the crossties, and he is always trying to be the Boss of me even though he is young and silly.

I am not letting Clay be the Boss of me at all.

But.  There we all were running around in that ring and walking on things and stuff, and I thought this is what my rider meant when she said we are doing something different.  It was different too!  But then she said we were just warming up and getting a little exercise, and then we were going to be doing something really different.  And you know what that was?

It was a Trail Ride.  With Clay.

I have been doing Trail Rides a little but not very much and not with my rider.  There are too many bugs.  Also, Monsters.  I said to my rider, Rider! Are you sure we are doing a Trail Ride?  What about the Monsters? But she said Huey, I will take care of you.  There will not be any Monsters that can come close to you.  We are going to have fun.  So I said OK.

Well, Clay wanted to go first, but I am not a walking at the back horse.  Especially when it is a young punk like Clay.  I am a walking in front horse.  So I went in the front.  And we were on the road, and I have been on the road before, because there is a very nice patch of grass there that my rider takes me to some time.  But then she said Let’s go into the woods, Huey.  Follow that path.

So I did.  And it was fine until I smelled it.  A Horse Eating Monster From The Woods.   It was there.

Well, I am not going to go be eaten.  And because I was the leader I said Clay! You better stop!  There is a Horse Eating Monster ahead!  And he stopped.  And we stood around, because I was trying to see that Horse Eating Monster.  Then Clay said I do not think there is any Monster here, Huey.  I said Yes there is! But he said No.  And if you do not move, I am going to be the leader.  I said OK.  I you want to get eaten, you can be the going in front horse.  So he did.  And then I knew that if a horse was going to get eaten, it was going to be Clay and not me, so I was OK.

Well, we went like that for a while, and then I decided it must not have been a Horse Eating Monster, so I said I am going to go first!  And I went there.  And guess what there was on the path?

A huge log!  Well, it is not as huge as some logs I have seen, but it was a good size.  And I could see that the path went right up to that log.  There was another path that went around the log, but I said to my rider I am going to go over that log!  And she said OK.  You can walk over that log.

But I had a secret.  I will tell you what it was.

I was not going to walk over that log.

I know what logs in the path in the woods are for.  I used to go on races in the woods when I was younger, and we would go as fast as a horse could run, and when there were things in the path?

We jumped them.  We did not walk over them!!!

And you know, I am a jumping horse.

But I was sneaky about this because I knew that my rider would not say OK to jump that log.  So I pretended like I was going to walk over it, but at the last minute, I pulled my body together, and I JUMPED!!!  I jumped right up into the air over that log!!!!!!  It was not even a very big jump, not like I can really do.  It was a tiny jump, really.  Like babies make.

But it was still a jump.  And I jumped it, because I am a jumping horse.  I am not a running over sticks horse, but I am a jumping over logs horse!  That was my surprise!!!

Well, my rider was surprised!!!  But you know what?  She was fine.  It is all the tiny hops I make when I am supposed to be a running over sticks horse.  I am teacher her to ride, you know, and secretly, I am also teaching her to jump.

She said Huey!  You jumped that log!  You are not supposed to jump!

But I said It is too late.  I jumped it.

And she said I could have fallen off!  I do not know how to jump!

But I said You did fine.  You did not fall off.  You did not even come close to falling off.  I would have known.  We could go over a bigger jump too.

But she said that same old thing about my legs and stuff.  Boo.

You know what?  Even though it was a stinky old tiny little jump over a log that was hardly bigger than a stick?

It was fun.  And I am going to do it again, I do not care what people are saying.  My rider better get used to that.

Well, then I knew I was some hot stuff.  Clay said I do not think you were supposed to do that Huey.  But I said Do not be such a chicken Clay.  You must be a brave horse, like me.

Then we went on the street, and there was a scary fence and there was a hill and I couldn’t see the barn any more, and I was getting a little bit scared.  But Clay was not.  He said Do not be such a chicken Huey.  You must be a brave horse, like me.

Well.  I ask you, is that respectful?  It is not.  I made sure that I was the going in front horse on the way back.  And we went by the ring where there were all the other horses running around the stuff, and a bunch of people, and there was a car parked at the end of the road.  I did not want to walk close to that car, so I walked on the grass.  My rider said to go back on the road with her leg, but I did not listen.

And then guess what happened?  This is too exciting!

I put my foot in a hole. I thought it was going on the ground, but the ground was farther away than I thought.  And this scared me because I though it was a Horse Eating Hole!  So I jumped up in the air and I said EEEK!! And then I scared myself by saying EEEK! and then my rider was there saying Huey! Huey! Huey! and telling me to stop with her seat and the reins, but I could not be stopping.  I was too scared!

Usually I get scared like that but I am a smart horse and I can pull it together.  And I was trying hard to run away only there was no place to be running to, and there was another horse in the outside ties and she was saying HELP!!!  HUEY IS SCARING ME!!  And I could hear Clay behind me and he was going AAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!!!!  IT IS A MONSTER AND IT IS EATING HUEY!!!!And I am thinking OH NO!  THE MONSTER IS EATING ME!!!  And it was making me want to run away even more!! And I was thinking as hard as I could that I should stop trying to run, and my rider was saying the same thing and it almost worked, because she gave me time to think by making me go in a little circle, but when we did that, guess what I saw then?!?!?!

It was CLAY!!  And he was running like crazy towards us!  And he did not have a rider any more!!!!!!  And he was thundering down the road screaming IT’S COMING TO GET ME!  AAAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!  And my rider is saying HUEY! HUEY! HUEY!  IT IS OK! HUEY! And I am thinking RUN! RUN! RUN! RUN!  but then I am also knowing that it is not good that Clay is not having a rider any more, and it is being very bad if Iam not having a rider any more, and then I am hearing my rider say Huey!  It is OK!  You are fine Huey!  Just stand still for a minute! You can do it, you a brave horse.  And she is being right.  So I am standing still and the mare is still saying HELP! HELP! but she is being the next thing to a baby, it is Tango’s foal, and she has a rider on the ground who is saying You are OK. You are OK.  And then we were.  I stood still for a little bit and my rider got down in the right way, and she scratched my neck and told me I was a Good Brave Horse and she said You are taking very good care of me Huey!  And I am saying I got scared and I tried to run away and Clay lost his rider!  But she is saying It is OK, he is young, and you did not make me come off.  You are a good horse, Huey!

And then she is rubbing my face, and I am realizing that it is OK.  And then Clay came back and we all went in the ring.  All the people there had to get off their horses because those horses might have thought they were going to get eaten too, and that would not have been good.  But then we rode around and I got to canter, and then I got to eat a LOT of grass, me and Clay together, and he did not try to mess with me at all.

Every horse should get to jump and have such an exciting day!


About Lori Holder-Webb

I'm a Southern Woman by birth and a Texan Woman by upbringing...and yet I find myself living in New England and married to a New York City boy. Up here we use the same currency as we do at home, and I don't need to travel with a passport, but the commonalities pretty much end there. The language is different, the jokes are different, the people are different, and the weather and terrain sure are different too. I moved away from Texas in 2002, and ever since then, I've been the stranger in the strange land... I've had some questions about the name of the blog - if you were not alive, or living abroad or under a rock, or in grad school during the late 1980s, Oldsmobile attempted to shuck its stodgy image with a series of commercials intended to bring brand appeal to the younger generation: this car, they said, is not your father's Oldsmobile. If you have a morbid curiosity, hit YouTube for William Shatner Oldsmobile...it will take you right there.

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