I am being a very Good and Patient Horse now.  I am having to be in my stall always. It has my own door to my own paddock and that is good, and Topaz has been Making Eyes at me and that is good, but it is not as good as riding with my rider, and going out in the paddock and racing around.  There has been cool weather and wind, and you know what that does to us horses.  It makes us Wild Horses.  We are racing around and showing our hoofs to the sky horses when there is cool wind!!!!

But I am not being a racing around and showing my hoofs to the sky horse.  That is because my leg owie is still there.

Last week, when we got some very good cool wind coming, I woke up from a nap and it was not time for breakfast yet, but you know what time it was?

It was time to be a Wild Horse.

I said Topaz!!!  Rooster!!!  

These are the other horses that are lucky to have our own doors and our own paddocks.  They are much older than me, but I know that means sometimes they are wiser, and they are not that old.

So I said TOPAZ!!! WAKE UP!!!!   ROOSTER!!!! WAKE UP!!!! It is time to be the racing around horses!!!!!!!

And they said Huey, what are you yelling about?

So I said Feel the wind!  It is cool!  The leaves are making noise!  It is time to be WILD HORSES.  You are not that old, you still know how to be wild!

And they said You are right Huey!! It is time to be Wild Horses!!!  Let’s go!!!!!!

And then we had a great time, we were all running back and forth and Rooster kicked his hoofs up and said You chickens can’t do this! And then Topaz said Who is a chicken, Rooster? And she kicked her heels up.  And then they both said You are so big on the Wild Horses Huey, let us see what you have.

So I kicked the SKY.  

I can kick clouds, you know.

They are way up in the sky, but when I kick, I know how to kick.  And I kick those clouds and those clouds say Oh No! It is HUEY!  We had better run away!!! 

I kick those clouds away..

Topaz and Rooster both said I was the best kicker EVER.

That is something, because they are both ancient horses.  They would know.

Then my rider came to do that thing with the hot and the cold and that nasty tasting paste and the crest scratching and stuff.  But she was talking to Laura and Laura told her I was kicking and racing around like a Wild Horse.

I was proud.

But then they were talking a lot, talk talk talk talk.

And now you know what happens?

My Private Door?

It is CLOSED at night.

I said Rider.  What happened to my private door? I like to poop outside at night.  It makes my stall less icky.

But she said Huey. I heard you had a party.

And I said Yes! It was a very good party!!!

But she said Huey. You cannot have any parties right now.

Well.  How do you like that?  I am a bored horse, and here is my rider, telling me I cannot have any parties??!!!

I made that Special Noise with my nose so that my rider would know I was not happy, and I gave her the Stink Eye.

She said Do not bother with that noise and the Stink Eye, Huey.  You cannot have parties because it makes your leg owie worse.

I said You are being fussy.

She said I am not being fussy.  I am being smart.  I want to ride you soon, Huey.  And if you are making parties and kicking the sky, it will be longer before we can ride.

Well.  Maybe that is a point.  But I said You know I can kick the sky?!!?

And she said Huey, you kick the clouds and make them run away.  I know all kinds of things about you.  You are the Wonder Horse.

So I said I am still the Wonder Horse?  Elvis said I was not.

But she said You are always the Wonder Horse.  But you cannot kick anything until that leg owie is all better.  Please.  I really want to go riding again soon.  I miss you.

I miss her too, so I said OK.

Then, today, my rider brought her Person.  I knew it was time for the nasty medicine and stuff, and it was.  But then, guess what she had?

I will give you a Hint.

It made a crinkly sound.

Carrots do not make a crinkly sound.  They just smell really good. 

Apples do not make a crinkly sound either.  They smell good and taste even better.

There is only one thing I know that makes a crinkly sound.

That is a peppermint.

Peppermints are the best things in the world.  They are better than carrots, and apples.  They are even better than grass.  And hay.

So I said Rider.  I am hearing a crinkly sound.  Does that mean you are having a peppermint?

And guess what she said?

She said Yes!!!!!!  She said I am having a peppermint, Huey! And if you are putting your head down so I can trim your bridle path, you are having a peppermint too!!

And I DID.

It was so good.  It makes a smell that is making all the hair on my mane say Yay!!!  And it makes a taste that is making all my legs want to dance around. And it is crunching in my teeth, which are good, because the dentist came out last week.

So then I am saying Rider!!!  I will have ANOTHER peppermint!!!!

But she is saying Huey.  I am putting these boots on your first.

Those boots smelled nasty.  The rider said this is because they are new.  And she said they have a fuzzy lining to make them nice on my fetlocks.  And they did.

And I said Rider!! Where is my peppermint!!!

Then my rider’s Person stepped up and I thought he had a peppermint on his hand.  I moved forward as far as I could.  There were those pesky cross ties, but I know I am stronger than they are, really!  And my rider looked at them and told her Person he had to come closer to give me that peppermint.  And he did.

It was just as good as the first one.

Then we had to go on a walk.  Now, we are all the time doing a boring walk on the piece of road.  There are scary cars that I can hear but I cannot see.  And there is grass that my rider lets me eat some times and that is good. 

So I said OK I will go on a walk.  But I want another peppermint.

My rider said You can have one when we get back to the barn.

So then I made my fastest walk so that we would get back to the barn fast.  But my rider said NO and made me walk in circles.  She said I had to go slow!!!!!

That is not fair, telling me there is a peppermint at the barn and then making me go slow.

I am a fast horse.  I can jump but I jump fast. 

But she made me walk slow.  Like a boring old horse that is not a fast jumping horse.

And then I saw the barn and I said Yay!!! Peppermint!!!! but that rider said Not until we get inside Huey.  So I said OK.

And I got one, and then I got my boots on and I said I should have another peppermint now too.  And I got one.

And then I went back in my stall and dinner was there, but my rider said if I cooperated with her when she put the Collar of Shame on, I would get another peppermint.

I hate the Collar of Shame.  But a peppermint.  That is different.  So I put my head down and I did not yank it around or put it up in the air or even try to eat my hay.

And then there was that crinkly sound I like so much.

I tried to get that peppermint right away! 

But my rider said Huey.  You have to wait for me to get the wrapping off.

I said I do not care about the wrapping.  Please give me the peppermint.

She was very fumbly, but I got it.  And that was good!!  And all the other horses were coming back from the show that we couldn’t go to because of the leg owie, and some of them said I got ribbons!!! But I just said I got  a bunch of peppermints!!!!

I will stand in those ties forever, if it means I can get peppermints!!


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