It Is A SCARY Stump.


Today my rider came to the barn and she was not wearing her boots.  I know what this means, when my rider is there and not wearing riding clothes.

It means TREATS.

This time, it was a bunch of something that looked like grass but it did not smell like grass!  And it was tasty!  I said Is there any more of that special grass?  But she said No.  But there is some Special Horse Pampering Time!

It as been being a very long time since there was Horse Pampering.  I am thinking there should be being more Horse Pampering.  This was being brushed, which is not Pampering.  Pampering is where I get my neck rubbed and my butt scratched and sometimes other stuff.  This time it was things I do not like.  There is a thing that people are doing to my belly some time that is making it shrink up.  I do not like that thing!!!  It is tickling.  And it is also meaning I am having to LIFT my belly and make my back work too, and I am not feeling like doing that.  So I am trying to walk away from that thing, but my rider is just walking with me and I am not being able to get away from it!!  Then I am saying RIDER.  I DO NOT LIKE THAT.  But she is saying I know Huey.  But it is important, and we are almost done.

Then there was being a thing where my tail gets pulled.  I am not liking that one either when it is going to the side, because them I am having to work very hard with part of my leg so that I am not falling over.  And I am saying RIDER. But she is saying Work it Huey!  Good horse!!  And she is not stopping until she is doing the other side too.

But then there is being some very good Horse Pampering!  There is a thing that is using my mane and making my crest be not tight any more.  I was not liking that one the first time we did it either, because I am thinking that if I am relaxing my crest then maybe something bad is going to happen.  But it is not, and then today, I realized that it is feeling good, that thing!  So I am putting my head way down, and helping because there are neck stretchy things that I like and I cannot be doing them all by myself!!

And then there was being a CARROT STRETCH and THREE CARROTS.  They were being very little carrots, which is not as good as being very big carrots, but three carrots is being better than only one!  And I am getting my muzzle all the way to my flank!  I am being so stretchy that I can almost be touching my tail with my nose!!!  That is being a VERY good thing because sometimes there are nasty bugs that land on top of my butt and my tail cannot be going all the way up there, and the only thing to do is to bite them.  And if I am being that stretchy, it is being easier to bite those bugs!

That was good.  But then I am having to walk backwards which I am not liking because I do not trust my rider enough to look for what is behind me, but she is not letting me look either.  I said Rider.  If you want me to go back there let me turn around and walk there.  But she is saying Huey, it is not about going to that spot, it is about walking backward.  That is being good for your haunches and making you a Strong Horse.  I want to be a Strong Horse, but I do not know if I am wanting that bad enough to be a walking backwards horse.

But then it was even better because we got to go eat some grass.

A while ago, my rider put me out in the pasture, she said to eat while she cleaned up after us for a little bit.  Well.  You are knowing how I am feeling about being a naked in the grass horse.  I am loving that.  And I am eating a bunch of grass, but then I am realizing something horrible.

I am all alone.

I am not seeing any other horse and I am not seeing my rider.

You are saying But Huey. You are a Brave Horse, I know.  But I am not that brave.  I do not want some dummy there in the paddock messing with me and trying to eat my food.  But I am not wanting to be ALONE.  And I am feeling very scared.





And I started racing around in the paddock.  I could not even eat any grass because I was scared of not being able to see any other horses!! And I am racing and shouting HORSES!!!! HORSES!!!!!  HORSES!!!!!  WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!

And they are shouting back too, but I am still scared!!!

But then I am seeing something!!!!  It is my rider, and she is coming around the corner of the barn and she is saying HUEY!  I AM HERE!!!  And I am racing and saying RIDER!!! I AM ALONE!!!!  COME HERE!!!!  And she is coming there very fast and I am running to the edge of the paddock and I am saying You left me alone!!! I could not see anyone at all!!!! And she is saying I am sorry Huey, usually you do not notice because of the grass.  But I am saying I noticed today!!!!!  Put the halter on and stay here! And I put my nose down so that halter can go on faster.  Then it is being OK because my rider is being there, and we are together and I am not being an alone horse any more.

It is also good because my rider always finds the best grass and then stands right on it to show me where it is.

Today, I was not having to be alone, but we were going to eat grass in a different spot.  It was right next to the ring!!

There has been something very scary in the ring for ages now.  My rider is not seeing it, and she is saying Huey.  You are being silly.  It is just the ring.  But I am saying It is scary. And I am not wanting to go near that place.  My butt is not wanting to go there, and my shoulders are not wanting to go there, and my neck is not wanting to go there.  My rider is working to make my butt and shoulders and neck go there anyway, but they are not listening to her.

The other day, she said Huey. This is silly.  And she made me go stand and face the part of the ring that is scary.  That was bad enough, but after a few breaths, she asked me to walk forward. I could not!!!  And my front feet came up off the ground and I made a little rear.  Rearing is a Bad Horse kind of thing to be doing, and rearing with a rider on is really a Bad Horse kind of thing to do, but I could not help it!!!  I was just too scared!!!!!  My rider said HUEY. But I said I cannot.  So she said Move on then.  And then my butt and shoulders and neck argued with her all the rest of the time even though I wanted to be a Good Horse.  They did not care.

Today I was eating lots of grass but then do you know what happened?

I looked up, and realized I was right next to the scary part of the ring.  All my skin got stiff for a second, but then I realized there was a big patch of clover right there, and I was not going to be letting any stiff skin get in the way of my teeth and that clover!  But then I saw it.

Right there.

It was being out of the corner of my eye.

It was the thing that was so scary!!!!  And I said RIDER.  That thing is SCARY!! And just to make sure, I pointed my nose at it, and I BLEW.

My rider said Huey.  And I could tell she was going to be arguing that this thing was not scary.  So I pointed my nose harder at it and I blew really hard.  I said IT IS SCARY.

But she said Huey.  It is a stump.

And I am saying What is being a stump?  That thing is being scary!

But she is saying Huey. There is a stump in your paddock.  You are not scared of it, are you?

Well.  She is right. There is a thing in my paddock that is looking like this scary thing, and I am not scared of it.  But then I am saying That is a different stump.  That one is not scary.  This one is scary.

And I blew at it again.

My rider made the noise like the wind in the trees, and said You are being One Silly Horse.  You are being a Scaredy Cat.  But I said I am not a cat.  I am a horse.  And she made that noise again, and then took me for a walk in the woods.  She said Look around, there are lots of stumps here too.

But they were different.  They were not scary.  Not like that one by the ring.  It was scary, and it still is!!!!!


This is my Stink Eye. It is how I am feeling about that scary stump, and it is how I am feeling about my rider saying I am a Scaredy Cat. Any horse would be scared of that stump!!!


About Lori Holder-Webb

I'm a Southern Woman by birth and a Texan Woman by upbringing...and yet I find myself living in New England and married to a New York City boy. Up here we use the same currency as we do at home, and I don't need to travel with a passport, but the commonalities pretty much end there. The language is different, the jokes are different, the people are different, and the weather and terrain sure are different too. I moved away from Texas in 2002, and ever since then, I've been the stranger in the strange land... I've had some questions about the name of the blog - if you were not alive, or living abroad or under a rock, or in grad school during the late 1980s, Oldsmobile attempted to shuck its stodgy image with a series of commercials intended to bring brand appeal to the younger generation: this car, they said, is not your father's Oldsmobile. If you have a morbid curiosity, hit YouTube for William Shatner will take you right there.

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    • I thought it would help to have him associate that corner of the ring with grass. And I’ve been making sure that any time he gets a chance to rest while I’m working him, it’s over there. He’s been spooking at that corner for going on two weeks now, no matter what I do while I’m on his back in the ring. It’s getting old. The good news is that when I grazed him over there, he gave me a Positive ID on the stump as the perpetrator of his anxieties. Why that stump, why now, I have no idea. It’s been there for the last two or three years that he’s been working in that ring, and it hasn’t been frightening before…

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