My Rider Should Be Here More.


It is being a long time since I have been talking to you!  That is because nothing has been going on at the barn.  I am still having a yellow pony in my paddock.  He is nice.  He is not being a BFF like Shamrock or Tango were, but he is being a decent buddy.  That pony is following me everywhere.  Even when my rider comes to take me out, he is wanting to follow me there too!  My rider is having to always say Get back, Winnie!  Only Huey!  And yesterday she is having to smack him on the butt with the rope snake because is is not making room for me to walk out.

My rider has been being gone for long times lately.  That is good because it is meaning I do not have to behave myself!!  My rider is a mare.  She is all the time making me do thing I do not want to do, like backing up and going slow and standing still, and then she is not letting me do things I want to do, like stopping to eat grass and screaming at Clay when I go past his stall.  Some of the people who are at the barn make me behave but not as much as my rider does.  Some of them are letting me do anything at all that I want!!  And that is good, because I am one big horse and I can make a lot of space for myself!!

But then it is not good because no one else is taking me for grass and giving me carrots and stuff.  They are just giving me hay and grain and water and taking me to the paddock and the stall.  It is OK, but it is not as nice as grass.  Also, I am not going riding as much.  That is also OK because there is something that is not totally right.  My rider keeps asking me what is wrong, but I cannot tell her.  This is because I am not being sure.  I am just knowing something is not right.  My rider says we will figure it out together but in the meantime, I am going riding a little, just not a lot, and I am not getting to do any cantering.

Also, the bugs are being awful.  My rider soaks me with bug spray and that helps a lot.  But bugs still land on my lips and get in my nose, and I am not liking that!!!

My rider was being gone again but she came back a few days ago.  I was not being happy about being left alone with only the other horses and all the people who are working at the barn and maybe some little kids.  All of the other horses were being with their rider horses and going to shows horses but I was just being a standing around in the paddock eating hay with no rider horse.  So when she came back I was not wanting to talk to her.

She was saying Huey, Huey, and tickling my lips, which usually I like, but I was not liking it then.  That is because I was being a Mad Horse.  I am not drooping my lips and letting her put kisses on my muzzle and stretching out and stuff.  I am giving her a Stink Eye and I am making a frown.  That is with my lips being put together hard and squishing my nose shut.  I am doing that to let this rider know that I, Huey, am not happy.  I am also showing her that I am not having to behave myself either.  I am stopping to eat grass and then when she is wanting me to move around to see if my Something Not Right is being Not Right, I am not feeling like moving around.  That is not because of the Not Right thing, it is because I am showing her.  I know this because she made the rope snake bite my butt and that rope snake made me move around and everything was OK.  But I was still not happy.

Then yesterday we did not go riding, but I had to be a behaving horse.  I said I do not feel like behaving.  I feel like eating this grass because I have not been having grass, being an alone horse with no rider.  But she is saying NO.  Move on.  And I am not saying anything.  I am just watching her with my eye, and I am walking, but I am putting my head lower and lower and lower and lower and lower, and just when it is being low enough that I can stretch out my lips and grab some of this grass, she is saying NO! and then even though she is being all the way over there, that rope snake is somehow biting my butt again and I am picking up my head and running out.  Then I am thinking that she will not be doing that again, and besides, I am a mad horse, so I am sinking my head lower.

But then I notice that my rider is making a Stink Eye at me, and it is a big Stink Eye and that Stink Eye is so big it is making my head come right up and making me feet move out.

That is not fair.  I always have the best Stink Eye in the barn, anywhere I go.  Other horses are scared of my Stink Eye.  Most of my riders have been too.  But this rider has a better Stink Eye than I do!!! And she is not scared of my Stink Eye at all.  A lot of the time when I make it? She laughs.  It is being very humiliating to have someone laughing at my Stink Eye.

Today, my rider was in the clothes she only wears when we are going riding.  And she put me in the cross ties and started brushing me.  But then the other rider, the one who is better than my rider and who rides me sometimes, was there, and they started talking.  I knew they were talking about me, because they said Huey.  But still.  I made a frown.  My rider talked a lot longer and then said Huey, why are you making a frown?

And I am not saying anything at all.  I am just frowning more.

Then everyone is tickling my lips and saying Huey, Huey, but I am still not saying anything.  I am just making a bigger frown.

Finally, they stopped talking and my rider said Huey, what is it.

So I said You were standing around talking to that other rider.

And she said So?  We were talking about you Huey.

And I said I do not care what you were talking about.

And she said Why? What is going on, Huey?

So I said You were being gone for a very long time and I was not having any rider here and I was being bored and I am not wanting to be Not Right, I am wanting to go cantering and to shows like all the other horses do, and you are finally being here but instead of standing there and brushing me and talking to me like you are supposed to do, you are standing around talking to someone else.

And then she said Huey, you are right.  This is our time.  You know I am all about you.  Always.  But I am getting help with your Not Right thing, and that means standing around with other people and looking at you carefully and talking about you.  But you are right, too, and I will stop standing around and talking, and just pay attention to you right now.

So I said That is good.

And then I got some grass, and a horse muffin, and some hay.  I hope my rider figures out what is Not Right soon, but at least, I am not being some horse without a rider any more.


This is not my real Stink Eye. It is only my baby Stink Eye. But it is pretty good, you have to agree!


About Lori Holder-Webb

I'm a Southern Woman by birth and a Texan Woman by upbringing...and yet I find myself living in New England and married to a New York City boy. Up here we use the same currency as we do at home, and I don't need to travel with a passport, but the commonalities pretty much end there. The language is different, the jokes are different, the people are different, and the weather and terrain sure are different too. I moved away from Texas in 2002, and ever since then, I've been the stranger in the strange land... I've had some questions about the name of the blog - if you were not alive, or living abroad or under a rock, or in grad school during the late 1980s, Oldsmobile attempted to shuck its stodgy image with a series of commercials intended to bring brand appeal to the younger generation: this car, they said, is not your father's Oldsmobile. If you have a morbid curiosity, hit YouTube for William Shatner will take you right there.

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